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Welcome to the
Buds Senior School.
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi.

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Buds Senior School,
Near Police Post Kamboj,
Heir, Ajnala Road,
Amritsar - 143001
Punjab, India.

About Buds senior school

Buds senior aims to develop responsible global citizens and leaders by providing a world-class international education, rooted in its Indian heritage and values, for a diverse group Of students.

Beliefs & values
We believe

  Education transforms lives.
Transformed people can make a difference in their societies and in the world by working for Tolerance, Understanding,       Justice, Equity and Compassion.
Lofty ideals, values and faith are a solid foundation for life.
Living and learning in a diverse community allows us to recognize our common humanity.
We all have a responsibility for ourselves, for one another, and for the world.
Buds senior has a special calling to educate the children and develop then as mature citizens.

We value

The development of moral character, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.
The fulfillment of academic and leadership potential.
Critical, analytical and independent thinking.
Well-rounded, balanced and healthy living.
Appreciation for what is true, good and beautiful in one's own and other cultures.

Desired students outcomes
A Buds Senior School student should develop and increasingly demonstrate

An understanding of the beliefs and values of the his faith, and of other world faiths.
An awareness of cultural differences and global diversity.
A commitment to learning and a mastery of study skills.
Effective communication skills in English and a second language.
Competence in the use of information technology.
Skills and values of leadership among their peers.
An understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and history.
A commitment to the service of others in need.
An understanding of the requirements of a Healthy, Ethical and Spiritual life style.

A Buds Senior Education is

World-class in its quality.
International in its scope.
Rooted in Indian values.
Focused on responsible world citizenship.
Directed towards the achievement of excellence.
Aimed at developing the whole person.

our strength

At Buds Senior School we have a well-deserved national reputation both for our academic achievements and for the high standards achieved in the wide range of activities we offer. We are proud of our tradition, but at the same time have a strong sense of purpose for the future.
We know that your child is unique and will develop both his intellect and character to the full. We are determined to preserve the virtues of a traditional academic education in which he/she will acquire appositive attitude to his studies and to life as a whole. We will offer your child a wealth of wider opportunities, so his strengths can be developed and he can be challenged to achieve beyond his expectation. Above all he will enjoy his time with us and develop as an individual. At the same time we value every pupil. By placing your child in the care of a personal tutor for the duration of his time in the school he will become an integral part of our caring community, and we will work with you to primate his welfare at all times.
I very much hope that I will have the pleasure of welcoming you and your family, Personally, to the school so that I can show you how we turn your aims into a Reality. You will also meet some of our existing pupils and will see how your Ambitions for your children can be achieved in partnership with us.

Sports Provision

We encourage active participation in a wide variety of Personal development and sports activities. Our Personal development timetable includes On-stage activities, Dance and Games in a balanced programme over the year, and all children will go to the Buds Leisure Centre for swimming lessons in Years 4 and 5, with additional opportunities for the less confident swimmers in Year 6.

Having Fun on Our Sponsored walk

We are fortunate in having excellent sports facilities, including a school field with Basket ball court, Cricket pitch, A Swimming pool, Table tennis facility.
Pitches and rounder pitches. Our Yards have Volley ball court and facilities for Football and Basketball. We make the most of these facilities with a full programme of School sports clubs, including Football, Basketball, Table tennis, Running and Rounders.