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Welcome to the
Buds Senior School.
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi.

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Buds Senior School,
Near Police Post Kamboj,
Heir, Ajnala Road,
Amritsar - 143001
Punjab, India.

Principal Message

Dear Parents,
Thanks for choosing Buds Senior School !

Children are the prized Possession of every family. They are young, Vibrant and active. They are to be groomed in a very subtle way. Children are our future as well as the backbone of our society. The school is a very important part of the Child’s life. The beginning years are very crucial in the development of the Childs mind. The Buds Senior School boasts of this very element. The environment of the school is such that the Child learns every possible thing in a very congenial atmosphere. The play way system adopted by the school itself reflect this. Education has become essential. So it is the duty of everyone to see how the young minds are assimilating this.
There are many institutions to select from. It is the duty of the parents to see and select the appropriate institution for their wards.
I firmly believe that the tender age is the age where the Child can learn the maximum. Here I personally see that right kind of education is imparted .
Middle schooling becomes easier if the foundation is strong. Here we adopt altogether different curriculum for the children.
Education in The Buds Senior School has been divided in different stages. We seek perfection so it becomes our duty to enhance the overall development of the child. This can be achieved if only the parents are regularly participating in imparting education to the young ones.
The school is Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi. And it follows the syllabus laid by them.
Education is a long and continuous process it needs patience, perseverance and hard – work.
You will find the difference in your child ‘s behaviour and his mannerism as soon as possible. Each day has a new thing to be learnt in “Buds Senior”.
Parents are advised to patiently watch the on going work done by School for their wards.
It takes some time for the students of Pre – Nursery and Nursery to settle down. Parents / Guardians are advised to give some period so that the little one can calmly adapt to the new world.
The school gives lot of stress on vocal English. I would suggest the parents to involve themselves in speaking English. Children pick very fast, hence this is the time to teach them the finer part of education.
Parents should encourage their children if they happen to do even a small thing. This gives them the confidence and motivation to work.
The school shifts itself when the student reaches adolescence. This is the time to nurture the child and prepare him for his career . This calls for concerted efforts of school and the parents. We at “Buds Senior” guide the children for their professional life. This is very important period of time and we all collectively sharpen the skills of the students , so that it is easier for them in the future venture. Class – IX and Class – X are very crucial for them and we take good care of it.
I am always at your disposal for your problems as well as suggestions.
Please feel free to discuss with me on a mutually settled time .

Thank You

Our mission statement - 'Achieving potential whilst making learning fun'
Our School Aims

To help children develop to their full potential with lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and discuss rationally, and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills.
To foster a warm and friendly atmosphere within a caring school community in which Children's self esteem and respect for others can develop.
To provide a broad, balanced curriculum which should be appropriate and matched to the development level and needs of individual children, giving due regard to the fundamental importance of maths and language.
To help pupils to acquire knowledge and skills encouraging them to take pride in their achievements.
To promote the need for good conduct and discipline.
To promote respect for religious and moral values, and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life. To understand the world in which they live, and the interdependence of individuals groups and nations.
To provide all children with equal opportunities, rights and responsibilities regardless of race gender background, ability or disability.
To recognize and promote the role of the partner ship between pupils, parents and school in the education of our children.
To recognize and promote the role of the school within the community, and to encourage our children to care about, and take responsibility for our environment both locally and globally.